CorBag improves your brain function which increases your mental and physical performance.

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Why CorBag Works

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Muscle movement begins in your brain. CorBag strengthens the connections between your brain and body. With CorBag you become faster, stronger, and last longer.



UNPREDICTABLE MOTION: Unlike rhythmic punching bags (speed bag, reflex bag, double-ended bag) CorBag's movement is random, it never moves the same way twice. The complex motion challenges your brain to move faster. With CorBag you will see, think, and react faster than you thought possible.



2X THE RESULTS: Can you do a push-up with your eyes closed? Traditional exercise builds your musculoskeletal system. Coordination training builds your muscles and your nervous system. When you train your body and mind – you get more results in less time.



WORKS FOR ALL SPORTS, BOXING, POLICE, AND MILITARY: As your brain speeds up your competition appears to slow down (OODA LOOP). CorBag trains you to make accurate decisions, while under pressure, in an unpredictable environment. Quick and accurate decisions are the key to victory.



EASY AND FUN: CorBag is fun – so you’ll actually use it - easy to hang, easy to store, and portable. CorBag Works for beginners or advanced. Perfect for apartments.

Patented Brain Activation Technology

US Patent 8,273,000 other patents pending


"What I like is the unpredictability.  CrossFit is all about doing different things, and CorBag is always different.

Peter Sandford, Owner & Head Trainer at CrossFit Madre

"CorBag builds speed and accuracy like no other training device on the market.

"My kids can't stop hitting and practicing with it.  CorBag will take your training to the next level!

Loren W. Christensen, Author of Solo Training & Deadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need to Know

Nat Jones, 60 days with Nat Jones Fitness and Product Reviews

"CorBag was the most important tool in my recovery.

Corporal Harris, United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

"I was immediately impressed because I understand the link between coordination and cognitive function.  I totally buy this. CorBag is awesome!


Dr. Michael Smith, Host of Radio MD's Healthy Talk

CorBag builds coordination between your body and brain. Its unpredictable motion engages and challenges your brain which, like a muscle, grows stronger.  Your new neural connections enable greater mental and physical performance.  With CorBag you will think and react faster than your opponent.  Muscles do not control themselves. Before you can move your brain must decide how, when, and what to move. Your brain determines the limitations of your physical speed and performance.  CorBag strengthens the connections in your brain (synapses) so you can see, think and react faster.  CorBag improves your brain function which increases your mental and physical performance.

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