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Q.  How is CorBag different from a double-ended or speed bag?

A.  Traditional punching bags are rhythmic; whereas, CorBag’s movement is random.  With a rhythmic bag the user knows when to hit it.  With CorBag the user never knows when or how to strike, this develops your decision making skills resulting in quicker and more creative strikes.

Q.  Can you use CorBag for boxing?

A.  Absolutely.  Strike selection is critical in boxing.  For example, should you throw a jab, cross, hook, or uppercut?  Should you strike the body or head?  CorBag trains you to use the correct strike at the correct distance for maximum strike effectiveness.

Q.  Can you use CorBag in an apartment?

A.  CorBag is the best apartment punching bag!  It doesn’t make a loud noise and it won’t cave in the ceiling.  However, know that there is a lot of footwork involved – not sure if you have neighbors below you. 


Q.  What are centerline targets?

A.  CorBag represents targets found in the centerline; which are, nose, chin, throat, sternum, solar-plexus, and groin.  These are the most vulnerable targets.  In addition, when you hit someone on the side they can turn, which decreases the force.  When you hit the centerline all of the force goes into the target.  “When you hit the side of a log it spins, when you hit the center it sinks.”